What plant is this?

It looks like st John's wort but there's lots of different sorts.
Oh! Ok. It popped itself up in its present location a few years ago. Seems to die off in winter. Some previously came up in a different location, and Dad thought it had been around the place on and off for many years. It's about 12" high.
Any ideas. I've looked through my plant book and cant find anything, and its nothing I've ever seen growing wild round here. Grew itself in a tub that had a raspberry cane bought from Scotland so could be an import. Flowers 5 petals like a buttercup, bushy plant, big rough leaves and very hairy stem.
Maybe this or something similar?
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(Full disclosure- I used Apple image search rather than any pre-existing knowledge of my own)
Just found this so it seems its local to the area
"It is an introduction which originates from north east Asia or possibly North America. There are very few sites in England, none in Ireland and the greatest frequency of records is in Cardiganshire in Wales and in northern Scotland around the Inverness area where this one was found."
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