Cow only milking on back teats


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Quick bit of advice needed please.

I have a 9yo AAx cow just calved this evening. She’s decided that the wet slimy thing that just dropped out of her isn’t hers and that she’d rather adopt one of those large 2 month old calves 🙄.

So into my he pens she comes. Problem is she only appears to me milking on the rear teats- both the front ones seem hard in the middle. Question is would you give her any treatment lest she gets mastitis on the front half (I have some betamox in the cabinet) or just see how she goes and then put her on the ‘cull later’ list?

Sorry @Alicecow - just noticed your post. After a few days the cow took to the calf and they went back into the hemmel and they both seem fine. The cow only ever seemed to be milking on the back half. I didn’t treat her and she seems fine. Next week is turnout week, as the bulls go out on 1st May... I don’t think I’ll send her away with the bull again.
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